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“Ujjayi” is a breathing technique used in a variety of Taoist and yoga practices. 
 In relation to yoga, it is sometimes called "the ocean breath”. Ujjayi breath is meant to sound like the waves of the ocean. Connect to your life source and experience your yoga practice with effort and ease.
Since 2015, Ujjayi Inc has been selling handmade products designed for all types of skin, developed for the Yogi in mind. Ujjayi Inc was founded with the love and support from our large yoga community in West Hollywood. We enjoy sharing our personal touch with you.




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Every product, from inception to delivery, is hand-crafted with unconditional love. Originated in Los Angeles and the moment we are bicoastal. If you love organic, all-natural, small batch products, we are the brand for you! 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. By breathing moisture and nutrients into your skin you are ultimately replenishing and healing your skin. Our products also work to gently extract excessive toxins that we attract in our daily lives.