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Welcome to the Ujjayi Family. Here are some of our favorite people sharing their favorite products. Take 10% off with personal discount codes.

New Apparel

Inspired by the definition of Ujjayi. "Let your skin Breathe!"

Check out our limited addition apparel. Designed by Esther Shwartz.

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Introducing Ujjayi

Hand Made. Small Batch. Large Scale.

  • In Store

    Our deodorants and tooth powders are available in all erewhon locations. Erewhon is known to support community and prioritize premium quality local vendors.

  • Natural Ingredients

    We take the time to source quality ingredients. Supporting local farmers whenever we can.

  • Women Owned

    100% women owned buisenss. Our story began with a wish list from our West Hollywood yoga community to provide healthy and safer alternatives.

  • Made with Love

    Every product is a conversation: What is missing and how do we build a functional alternative?