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All About Our Natural, Handmade Deodorant Produced with Love


Our deodorant is non-toxic, natural and always aluminum free. Our simple, natural formula gives you full deodorization and coverage for 24 hours and is great for any lifestyle, even for those who lead an active lifestyle or are actively engaged in fitness activities. 


If you’re new to natural deodorants or new to thinking that hard about your deodorant in general, here are a few things to know. 


First, you should know that your armpit is a filter for the liver, kidney, and gallbladder. Each of these organs detoxes through the pores in your armpit. That means that the sweat that exits your armpit can sometimes irritate it. Ujjayi Natural Deodorant helps extract the toxins properly, so the toxins have no were to go but under the armpit. 


The Ujjayi Natural deodorant will help contain the toxins as much as possible, but occasionally there are an excess amount that are released. Because our formula is extremely concentrated, it can occasionally cause irritation in the pit area.


Which brings us to the second thing to know about our handmade natural deodorant before you take the plunge. From the data we have collected, we have found that it can take anywhere from a week to a month for your armpits to acclimate to your new deodorant, which means that excessive toxins may exit your armpit. If this occurs, we recommend exfoliating the pit regularly until balanced. You can use a sugar scrub or witch hazel for natural exfoliation options. 


Something else that may cause an excess of toxins from your armpit is stress. That means you should always pay attention to what is going on in your life, and try to reduce stress as well as you can, be it through eliminating workouts that cause stress on your body or something causing mental stress. Our bodies are created in a way where they tell us when something is wrong. Listen to it, and if it is telling you it is stressed, we in recommend more meditation time and some detox tea.


Other causes of armpit irritation are a lack of proper hydration, or poor nutrition. Or, your body may simply just be more sensitive.


Whatever is causing your armpit irritation, we typically recommend waiting for your body to reacclimate before trying the all-natural deodorant again. 

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