Evolving with Gratitude - Honoring Earth Day 2017

Evolving with Gratitude - Honoring Earth Day 2017


Earth Day is Saturday, April 22. At Ujjayi we are encouraging everyone to get involved in making the world a happier + greener place. Our vision for Ujjayi is to create natural, wholesome products, that are easily accessible to anyone (and considerate of Mother Earth’s resources). We still carry this motto and incorporate as many eco-friendly practices as possible. 

WE. RECYCLE. EVERYTHING. Everything from mixing bottles to cans to leftover products. Nothing is wasted in our workspace. We want to make sure we stay true to our founding principles and encourage our friends + family to do the same. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our systems and reduce any and all waste. 

3 simple + effective ways to get involved in making our world a happier and healthy place:

1. Volunteering 

Plenty of organizations need volunteers for various tasks. You can take it one step further and consider volunteering with a non-profit or environmentally conscientious business.

2. Recycling

A little bit goes a long way. Even if it’s just recycling around your house. Talk to your friends, families and neighbors about recycling too. 

3. Planting a tree, plant or flowers. 

Plants not only add physical beauty to your life, they increase oxygen circulation. Who doesn't like waking up to beautiful green plants and flowers? Think outside the box: maybe there’s a local park, urban garden or flower bed that could use a little love. 

Snaps some pictures of you doing any of these activities on Earth Day 2017 (or any day for that matter). Together we can make an impact on beautifying our planet. Make sure you share your experiences and Earth Day Tips with us at:

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Come Celebrate Earth Day with Us! Ujjayi & Athlete at The Grove Los Angeles - Yoga w/ Live Musician

 For some, Earth Day comes and goes without notice. For us, it represents a time to bring attention to issues that are important to Ujjayi & Athleta! This earth is our playground – that’s why we’re committed to protecting it for the next generation. We’re determined to lessen our impact on the environment and unleash the limitless potential of women and girls, near and far. Join us and Morgan from MODO YOGA at 9am for a yoga flow class with a live musician HAVE AN ATHLETA BAG AT HOME? BRING IT IN AND WITH A PURCHASE OF $75 RECIEVE A DISCOUNT! GIVING BACK TO OUR PLANET: WE WILL BE GIVING OUT SEEDS WITH DONATION FOR OUR COMMUNITY TO PLANT. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE CANOPY PROJECT TO HELP PLANT MORE TREES!  


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