National Bike to Work Month

National Bike to Work Month


When the weather starts to warm up, so do our bodies. Now that warm weather is here, our hometown of Los Angeles is beaming with beach goers at Santa Monica and Malibu, hikers at Runyon Canyon, and tons of cyclists on PCH!

May is National Bike Month. And we are encouraging everyone to ditch their cars this month and join in for “Bike to Work Week” May 15-19. Even if you can’t commit to a bicycle commute to/from work; any steps you take toward cycling more, reduces your carbon footprint and gets you kudos points from Mother Earth.

Many of our cyclist friends rave about our balm for their bike rides. Our Lip Balm is the perfect companion to your day at the beach or to accompany you on your bike ride. It not only protects your lips against the elements, like heat and wind; it primes, conditions and protects your lips too! 

Our balm comes in two flavors (Youth Balm - Citrus & Wonder Balm - Vanilla). A lot of people do not know this but our lip balm can also be used to help heal new tattoos! Or make old tattoos bright and vibrant again.

At Ujjayi, we are enlisting you, for your help, in making the planet a greener and happier place. Whether that’s by biking to work, recycling or using our Earth-friendly products. Every time you get on your bike this month, we want you to think of us! 

Make sure you tag us in a picture on Instagram @ Ujjayi. Share your biking story or any helpful tips you have for biking around the city!

The League of American Bicyclists has a plethora of biking events and resources this month and beyond:

This May 14 weekend, join women around the globe, as we band together on bikes to set a movement in motion. #cyclofemme




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