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Tell me Something Good

Tell me Something Good

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Preorder - Release date Aug 2024

Tell Me Something Good: Pain, Power, Perspective, and Possibility

Embark on a transformative journey with "Tell Me Something Good," a compelling collection of insights on pain, power, perspective, and possibility. Born from a series of thought-provoking weekly newsletters on self-development, this book offers a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone seeking personal growth and resilience.

In "Tell Me Something Good," you'll discover how to navigate life's challenges with grace and fortitude. Each chapter delves into the nuances of human experience, providing practical strategies to harness your inner power, shift your perspective, and embrace the endless possibilities that life offers.

From understanding the inevitability of pain and learning how to interpret it, to building strong character and fostering meaningful relationships, this book is your guide to a more fulfilling and empowered life. Whether you're at the start of your self-development journey or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, "Tell Me Something Good" offers valuable lessons and inspiration to help you thrive.

Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and motivated to create a life filled with purpose and positivity. 




Ujjayi, which means victorious breath, is a breathing technique employed by a variety of Taoist and Yoga practices. For Esther, the word signifies self-care—a reminder of the not-so-simple truth that if we do not take care of ourselves then we cannot be of service to anyone else.

Using the seven Elements of Interior Design, Ujjayi: Interior Designer weaves together family life, spiritual fulfillment, healthy mindset, physical weight and business practices. To live our best lives, we have to become our own interior designers.

Esther is a mother of five and the oldest in a large family. Born and raised in Los Angeles California, she is the founder and owner of the natural skincare company, Ujjayi. She has dedicated her life to self development: emotional, spiritual and physical.

She gives weekly workshops in Los Angeles on breath work, restorative practices and body and emotion alignment.


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Ujjayi is a healthy alternative to traditional product. Safe for sensitive skin. Fresh, clean, and natural scents you’ll love. Let your skin breathe!