Let your Skin Breathe - Ujjayi

Let your Skin Breathe - Ujjayi

Thank you to our wonderful friends at Blue Bird Baby - Blog for doing a piece on the Ujjayi Boutique. Check out their website. http://www.bluebirdbabyla.com

I learned about the all-natural skin care company Ujjayi Boutique when I met Esther, the artist behind the products, who had recently started the company with the support of Modo Yoga LA. Passing each other at the yoga studio and engaging in bits of health conversations, Esther and I became friends. Taking some products home, Emily and I became curious about her process and the overall benefits of using natural skin products. With a newly released product line, we decided to sit down with Esther to learn a little more about her merchandise and the inspiration behind them.

The beginnings of the company were unexpected yet lined up perfectly with what Esther was in need of. Successful and rooted in her career as a party planner, she had financial stability and a happy family. "I had the whole picket fence, like everything. Then I realized, I have everything, but I'm not satisfying my creative drive." After acquiring various careers throughout her life that inhibited her creativity, Esther made a decision to try to incorporate this missing piece into her livelihood. Soon after, while pregnant with her fifth child at the age of twenty-six, she was given three days to live due to some severe health problems. Miraculously, she survived and began on a quest of natural healing and happiness.

Recovering from her illness and deciding on this method of healing, Esther recalls her family and friends calling her crazy and imploring that she use traditional medicine. Sticking to her intuition, she began to self-educate herself on natural remedies of all kinds and eventually met with a healer, who is now her business partner and good friend. Researching and experimenting with different herbs and organic elements, they developed a detox bath clay that would go on to be the start of Ujjayi Boutique.

Esther began making and gifting this new clay for a short period of time before the coordinator of Modo Yoga LA's boutique approached Esther about selling her product at their location. Fusing her inspirations with her newfound health knowledge, Esther spotted an opportunity to make this her new career path. Her instinctive drive is balanced with her mellow mentality, resulting in seamless creations and collaborations. She is just doing what she feels is right, adapting herself and the business to the demand as she goes along. "To me, I mean being a creative person, life is about enjoying yourself. It's not about how boring you can make it, and we all have our day-to-day stuff going on. Why shouldn't we have a good time? And I find that so many people compromise their happiness."

The combination of creativity, passion for a holistic lifestyle, and faith in everything all create the balance that is Ujjayi Boutique. Esther and her business partner have created a variety of products, including soaps, bath clays, bath salts, candles, and lip and body balm that can also be used on tattoos. With the majority of these products being vegan, they not only feel and smell amazing, but they are good for your body, too. Esther explained to us that the detox bath clay has a number of health benefits you wouldn't normally expect out of soaps; the base of the soap is clay, which infuses calcium directly into your body and is incredibly good for your bones. "People forget that it's not only about what you put on the inside."

We recently went to Esther's home after she asked us if we wanted to help her create a rose-base mask for sensitive skin as she knows Emily can only use specific products for this reason. Esther's bedroom became her work studio when she officially started her company, with walls full of various ingredients and packaging materials. She introduced us to oils and scents we'd never heard of before, guiding Emily through her choices and explaining the benefits of each option. Picking the ingredients meticulously and mixing them all together, the end result was what is now Ujjayi's Blossom Rose Clay Mask. Extremely gentle and hydrating, the mask leaves your skin feeling renewed, smooth, and fresh - and is now available in the market section of our website!

When it comes to beauty products, it's easy to forget that just like food, we could be nourishing our bodies with organic and natural remedies. Incorporating products like these into our lives, we notice the same overall cleansing effects as those we've used before with the benefit of knowing we're doing our bodies a favor.



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