Earth Day

Ujjayi - Earth Day - yoga

We celebrate Earth Day and the grounding beneath our feet.
Our first / root chakra is located at the very base of the spine, representing our right to exist.

“I have the right to here”

Mother earth provides a ground to stand on and holds space to root.
Earth is an extension of the human body. Inspiring foundation in our Root chakra.
Connect your foundation by standing on the grass, barefoot to make contact with earth.
Listen to earths vibration and see where it guides you mind and thoughts.
Filter through all the voices in your head. Your voice is kind and a positive one.

From there we are are guided the the evolution of breath. Everything starts with the flow of oxygen. Breathe before the action. Its the root of every moment. Healthy movement starts with oxygen in the lungs.

Our Moon Bath: Earth Clean Clay is inspired by Earth and its foundation.
Its a calcium infused muscle soak / relaxer. Made from a Clay comb, Vanilla bean and Marshmallow root.
A few spoons in a tub of warm water will be like a full body mask. It helps to shed dead skin and rejuvenate a new.

A Camping Tip: our clay is used as a soap or scrub after a long day hiking and exploring. If you use our Moon bath in any body of water: oceans or streams it won’t pollute the waters because its made out of earth clays and herbs.

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Breathe. Reach. Connect. Receive.

Ujjayi - Moon Bath - Earth day

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