Fall Skin

Fall Skin

Getting your skin ready for fall.
Believe it or not summer is officially over and fall is right around the corner. Which means your skin is going to need lots of extra help to transition. Here are tips & some must have products to get your skin and body ready for fall. 
  • First up…. EXFOLIATE! Those fading tans are probably leaving your skin uneven and and before you jump to lasers and intense chemical peels the best way to fix this problem naturally is through exfoliating with our charcoal sugar scrub!  
  • Filled with cleansing and replenishing ingredients like white kaolin clay, shea butter, chamomile and rose oil, a nice physical scrub like this twice a week will do the trick! 
  • Next, Make sure you're switching up your skincare routine. Choose thicker eye creamsovernight masks and non foaming face washes .
We want to exfoliate the skin but not strip it. It needs all the hydration it can get especially if you're using retinals again so add a couple drops of face oil into your favorite face cream to really keep your skin happy and balanced.
  • I love adding our youth blossom serum to my SPF in the morning & lathering up my lips with my fav
  • Ujjayi lip balm to help keep that summer glow I was talking about. 
Make sure you don't forget about your body. Drink lots of water (at-least 3 liter a day) filled with electrolytes to help flush out any inflammation or lingering toxins from your summer fun and travels. I love to help the process by starting off my morning with a cup of warm filtered water with lemon and Himalayan pink salt then maybe hitting the infrared sauna or taking a heated yoga/ pilates class. If you live in LA checkout our go to heated yoga spot. 
  • Last but not least don't forget to get your beauty sleep!! My biggest tip for peaceful sleep is to stop using your phone 20 mins before bed, light a candle (this one is my favorite) and meditate in whatever form is comfortable for you, music, yoga, journaling etc. Be present and slow your mind down so its ready for the reset it deserves. 
Hope you find these tips useful! Let us know what you think or tell us about your favorite Ujjayi products on our most recent post here. We always love your feedback! xx 

Written by Maya, Follow her journey. @ohsomaika

An Influencer. She also Runs for the Israeli Running Team.


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