How strong are you really?

How strong are you really?

How strong are you?
Well, it depends on how you are breathing.
Fitness Secret: It's not about how large your muscular build is but the pattern of your breath. Good breath rhythm will help you lift, push, and extend your body limitations!

It's different for woman and men, our bodies are built to do different things. But as humans we are all meant to operate from a place of deep inhales first. Ujjayi breathing / an oceanic breathing technique will help carry you through any practice. 

Landing a punch in Boxing requires more than arm strength. Core and legs are all engaged. Boxing is a beautiful way to teach your body how to operate in unisons when exercised correctly.

Have you ever experienced what rises to the surface when confronting a basic Boxing Punching combo?

Aggression arises - Boxing is more of a mental practice than a physical exercise. Sometimes we don't know what we are suppressing until we have the opportunity to release.
Every punch that lands touch the bag with a sharp exhale. Kapalabhati Breathing - to release toxins from the body.
Our body has a few ways of releasing toxins from the body.
SWEATING, EXHALING - are 2 important ways to make that happen. ⠀⠀

UJJAYI DEODORANT supports this practice. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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