How to prepare for a workout

How to prepare for a workout

Begin with stretching, Begin with Breath.

- Ujjayi

Breathe while stretching. It's one way of infusing oxygen into spaced and joints that normally don't get enough air. This will help the blood flow. Our body is our agent for action in the world. It is very quick to adapt to the shape in which we spend most of our time. If we slouch, our body is suppressed, automatically allowing in less oxygen.

Large lifts and stretches combined with Ujjayi Breathing, endorse better INTERIOR DESIGN, balance and clarity in the world around us! ⠀

"The preparation is just as important as the performance."

When practicing any sport, stretching is a large part of the workout. Our joints are easily jolted. Injury is easy if you haven't spent time preparing your body. You will experience less soreness in the coming days as well.

Before working out: Hydrate: Water/electrologists, stretch
After: Stretch, Hydrate, eat something nutritious
And always Breathe! ⠀⠀




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