Powerful Scorpio Full Moon: May 10th 2017

Powerful Scorpio Full Moon: May 10th 2017

Scorpio Full Moon- May 10th 2017

Full Moons are all about releasing and letting go of energy that is no longer serving our higher purpose or soul mission. 

The constellation of Scorpio is known for transformative energies. This Full Moon is one of the best of the year for manifestation and performing rituals. The Scorpio Full Moon encourages use to utilize higher levels of consciousness.

Every full moon, I release old energy and set intentions for the next month. Typically, I meditate, pray, express gratitude and set intentions for the upcoming cycle. My favorite tools to use are healing crystals, Palo Santo and the Starlight Candle by Ujjayi.

The fresh, leather scent of the candle is a grounding, masculine, energy for me. I take inventory on the past month, release old energy and set my intentions for the upcoming month. The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs at 2:42 PM PST, but the power of the Full Moon can be harnessed from May 9-May 11.

Share with me some of your favorite Full Moon or New Moon rituals...


Ours is lighting a Meditation Candle and Relaxing in our Chandra Moon Bath!

Chandra Moon Bath & Moon Candle Set is quintessential for the Full Moon. Cleanse and release, the previous moon cycle, with our clay bath soak. Relight and recharge your intentions using the Moon Candle after.  25% off in honor of Scorpio Full Moon!

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