Skin Barrier Repair

Skin Barrier Repair

Ujjayi Cordyceps Moisturizer is great for sensitive skin. This formula can help repair the skin barrier.

The winter season and hard water can dry out your skin, strip the skin barrier and make you feel more sensitive or create a burning sensation. Cordyceps Moisturizer can help hydrate dry skin, boost collagen, and elastin production.

Skin Barrier Repair Skin Barrier Repair Skin Barrier Repair

This moisturizing cream is a blend of ingredients that improve the skin barrier, which can help repair and fight against dryness. This moisturizer is ideal for sensitive skin, since the formula is a gentle blend of ingredients that create a barrier on the skin's surface to keep moisture in and out of the skin.

Your skin barrier needs some tender loving care. With the right products and treatment, it will quickly start to repair itself.

Skin Barrier Repair
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