Story of You

Story of You

You existed, and then the story of you came into being. You didn’t know how to be you when you came into this world, you had to learn it. The same thought process that helped you learn how to smile at peek-a-boo is the same system that helped you learn to not touch a hot stove,...twice. The patterns you learned so that your caregivers would bathe you, put you to bed, prepare your breakfast before school, is the same system that guided you in learning about fear, anxiety, and conditioned behaviors.

There was you before the self critical, limiting talk in your mind. Before that voice told you that you didn’t deserve that slice of pizza, you just ate the slice (or three.)

Sugar scrub

There was a time when you went with your natural instinct, embracing your gut reaction. There was a you before the second guessing, and before doubt was learned. All that conditioning over time creates a story, a narrative, a voice, but it’s a voice that isn't yours. It may sound like you, because you are so used to hearing it for so long, but it isn’t yours. It’s a learned voice. You may have learned it from one person, one event, one period in your life, or it could be the collection of a few people, family, friend group, or community.

Before that voice developed, limiting your potential, you felt your own feelings. You listened to what the purity of your own natural language was telling you. It’s time to return to that voice, that natural language of your soul. Strip away the layers of conditioning, peel back the sheaths and get back to your core, your wholeness and sweetness. Relearn the language of your soul, and soften your experience back to the completeness of you.

Your voice is a positive one! 

We created the Sugar Scrub as a gentle exfoliator. The little graduals of sugar mix with activated charcoal, clays and essential oils is the best combination. Ujjayi Sugar scrub will eliminate the dead skin. Removing the layers that have served us in the past and are not needed any longer. 

We shed skin, removed dirt and make way for new radiance to shine through. 

Eliminate negative thoughts by meditating and making room for positive ones.


Sugar Scrub

 A written collaboration 

Esther & 

Yoga Teacher & Ujjayi Consultant


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