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"We are not born all at once but in bits."

Why did I choose to be in the helping profession?

The tools that equipped us in our teens are usually unable to support us in our daily life situations when we reach our twenties, thirties, and beyond. New situations mean we need 2.0 tools in the toolbox. We are in a day and age where the world is moving so fast. And, for some of us, this means we are searching for the right assistance and support to feel grounded in our own reality, making sure our needs are met while still being present and engaging in our family life, partnerships, and professional relationships.

After experimenting with many forms of healing and therapy, I came across a method of building emotional immunity to combat daily stress and resolve complex challenges, and this method is what I teach my clients. The teachings are based on the foundation of meditation and are rooted in neuroscience with the goal of integrating a sense of calm into our daily lives.

My goal is to help you strengthen your emotional muscles to thrive in everyday life.

My approach to therapy/coaching/nutrition counseling.

My approach is holistic as I strive to help you align your mind and body so that you can live from a more centered place. Together we will tackle your most charged emotions and help you untangle them so that you are able to respond to life's challenges from a space of calm and centeredness.


What you can expect from our sessions.

Our environment shapes our personality much more than we think and WE are the most integral part of our environment.
Our emotional organization is key.

I help guide you to find yourself in the midst of busyness and chaos and help you spot physical and emotional energy wasters.
I will teach you how to build emotional muscles and ground yourself in reality.
I can help you navigate challenging situations to heal and move forward in life.
Through our work, you will gain tools to fortify your emotional immune system and emotionally regulate yourself like a champion.
This new paradigm and set of skills will help empower you in your personal and professional journey through life.

My work as a coach is also informed by my being a certified yoga and meditation teacher. I have been working with individuals in the Jewish community and beyond for over 7 years. In addition to individual coaching, I provide workshops to groups as well as produce free daily meditations for those on the go.

You can find 100+ of my free Emotional Aliment practices available on public platforms (Youtube and podcast platforms) as well as a phone line (718) 970-8977 with access to the library of lessons available. Everything I impart is grounded in Torah teachings and geared toward Jewish and Chassidic women.

- Esther